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A Good Thing
Spells and abilities you control can't destroy, exile, target, or cause you to sacrifice CARDNAME.
At the beginning of your upkeep, double your life total. Then, if you have 1,000 or more life, you lose the game.

Abian, Luvion Usurper
Legendary Planeswalker — Abian
As CARDNAME enters the battlefield, you become Abian. <,i>,(Your life total becomes equal to their loyalty. You can activate the loyalty abilities by spending or gaining life.)
+3: Discard your hand, then draw cards equal to the greatest power among creatures you control.
+1: Create a 3/2 red and green Spirit creature token.
−X: You deal X damage to any target.

Aggressive Crag
At the beginning of your combat step, tap CARDNAME.
: Add or .

Animate Spell
Enchantment — Aura
Enchant instant or sorcery spell on the stack
When CARDNAME becomes attached to an instant or sorcery, put that card onto the battlefield under its owner's control. It's a creature in addition to its other types with power and toughness each equal to its converted mana cost.
When CARDNAME leaves the battlefield, enchanted card's owner sacrifices it unless they cast it.

Banding Sliver
Creature — Sliver (3/3)
All Slivers have banding. <,i>,(Any creatures with banding, and up to one without, can attack in a band. Bands are blocked as a group. If any creatures with banding you control are blocking or being blocked by a creature, you divide that creature's combat damage, not its controller, among any of the creatures it's being blocked by or is blocking.)

Baneslayer Aspirant
Creature — Human Soldier (2/2)
CARDNAME gets +3/+3 and has flying, first strike, and lifelink as long as you have one or more emblems.

Barry's Land
Basic Land — Cloud
: Add .

Bear with Set's Mechanic
Creature — Bear (2/2)
Aggressive <,i>,(During your turn, there is an additional combat phase after the first, and only creatures with aggressive may attack during it.)

Counter target activated ability. <,i>,(Mana abilities can't be targeted.)<,i/>,
Draw a card.

Exile target creature you control. Return that card to the battlefield under its owner's control at the beginning of the next end step.

Biting Remark
Creature — Elemental (3/3)
Scrycast <,i>,(If you see this card while scrying, you may reveal it and cast it by paying .)

Blood Poet
Creature — Vampire Cleric (3/2)
Spark <,i>,(Activate spark abilities by spending or giving yourself spark counters. Activate only one spark ability per turn, and only as a sorcery.)
+1: CARDNAME gains lifelink until end of turn.
−3: Target opponent discards a card. You gain life equal to its converted mana cost.

Until end of turn, cards you own that aren't on the battlefield lose all card types, costs, names, and abilities and become red sorceries named Missile that cost with "Missile deals 2 damage to any target."

Bone Rattler
Creature — Skeleton (4/4)
When CARDNAME is put into your graveyard from anywhere, exile it. When you do, create four Reassembling Skeleton token cards and put them into your graveyard.

Bucket List
Whenever you cast a spell of a type showing on CARDNAME, put a counter over that type and draw a card. If all five types on CARDNAME have counters over them, sacrifice it and draw one more card. BOX artifact BOX creature BOX enchantment BOX instant BOX sorcery

Buried Ogre
Creature — Zombie Ogre (6/4)
You may begin the game with CARDNAME in your graveyard. If you do, you lose 1 life.

Celestine Cave Witch
Creature — Human Warlock (2/3)
When CARDNAME enters the battlefield, create two 1/1 black Insect creature tokens.
Whenever CARDNAME attacks, you may sacrifice an Insect. When you do, curse defending player. <,i>,(Create a black Aura Curse enchantment token that's attached to that player. It has enchant player and "At the beginning of your upkeep, you lose 1 life.")

Chimney Goyf
Creature — Lhurgoyf Imp (*/*+1)
CARDNAME's power is equal to the number of card types among cards in all graveyards and its toughness is equal to that number plus 1.
When CARDNAME dies, target opponent puts a card from their hand on top of their library.

Artifact Creature — Construct (2/2)
When CARDNAME enters the battlefield, switch upkeep steps with target opponent for as long as it remains on the battlefield. <,i>,(You take your upkeep on their turn, and they take their upkeep on your turn.)

Command the Chaff
Look at target opponent's sideboard. You may cast a card from that sideboard without paying its mana cost.

Control Win Condition
Creature — Whale (*/*)
This spell can't be countered.
CARDNAME's power and toughness are each equal to the number of turns you've taken this game. <,i>,(If this is in your deck, please keep track of your turns. This means you, Mark.)


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