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An account on allows you to load your favorite options automatically, allows you to post comments on our articles, and may allow other benefits in the future.

This member agreement outlines a non-exhaustive list of actions which you absolutely may not take upon this site; also see further down this page for expected behavior and actions which may result in measures taken against your account.

  • Members may not engage in any illegal activities on this site, including encouraging or teaching means for others to engage in illegal activities. This includes the distribution of protected files, classified information, child pornography, and other illegal materials.
  • Members may not attempt in any way to obtain information not made public on this site, nor to otherwise modify the site's data.
  • Members may not attempt to circumvent actions taken against their account by creating a new account, by using a proxy IP, or attempting to evade detection in any other way.

Any member engaging in any illegal or harmful activity waives all rights in our Privacy Policy insofar as that member's private information may be given to the appropriate authorities, but not to any other party.

General Policies

This is a non-exhaustive list of behaviors that aren't acceptable on this site, but won't result in immediate action taken against your account.

Rules for Commenting and/or Posting

  • Be polite. Rudeness towards other members or staff is not okay.
  • No nitpicking. There are other sites to say that someone is wrong because they didn't count on one weird card when they answered; this isn't the site.
  • Tone down second-guessing judges at events. They have information about the situation that you don't.
  • No discussing DQs. The investigations committee has problems with this sort of talk tainting investigations.
  • ABSOLUTELY do not post content from any Judge exam, including practice exams, or allegedly-leaked materials from upcoming products. Both of these fall under dissemination of classified materials as described above and will be removed and reported.

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