About Cranial Insertion

Q: What is Cranial Insertion?

A: Cranial Insertion is the oldest active rules column answering your questions about Magic: The Gathering. It's been published weekly since 2005, every single Monday. Though really, there's a whole separate page about us!

Q: Are you affiliated with Wizards of the Coast?

A: No, Cranial Insertion is not. We may contact an official source to get answers from time to time, or to answer questions about subjects other than the rules of Magic for you, but we are not directly affiliated with the company any more than most sites.

Q: Are your answers always 100% correct?

A: For the time being, we are human. As such, we do make errors! Errors caught within a few hours of an article being published will be fixed; larger errors will be updated later. Older articles may contain outdated answers as well - we can't go back and fix everything. Additionally, answers may leave out corner cases and eschew overly specific, confusing wording for the sake of making an answer understandable to our target audience; if you expect us to say "But this answer isn't true if you're Mindslavered," you will often be disappointed.

Q: How can I translate Cranial Insertion into my language?

A: Translating used to involve a ton of hassle before we had our own site, but now it's super easy! If you want to translate the article, or translate the site, just gather a team and send us an email! You should have at least two people on your team, preferrably three or more, to ensure that you can handle the demands of regular translation, and you should all be native speakers of the target language.

Q: Who's Moko?

A: Moko is our chimpanzee secretary who was tragically asphyxiated at 35,000 feet in between our first two columns. It turns out that a zombie chimp is much more effective.

Q: Why is there a bunny on your logo?

A: It's a secret to everybody.

About the Site

Q: Why should I make an account?

A: If you're only going to read articles and send in questions, there's no real reason to make an account. Users with an account can save articles and card searches, set preferences such as the site language, and possibly most importantly leave comments on the article. You don't need an account to email us a question or to use our tools.

Q: Who made this site?

A: The site was concepted and developed by Eli Shiffrin with help from the writing team: Carsten Haese and Brian Paskoff. The sleek layout and graphics are thanks to Brian Paskoff's CSS magic. Other individual pieces, such as the simple card-search and some graphics, may have involved other people who are credited for those in appropriate places.


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