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New Features!

Posted by: Eli Shiffrin
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Posted on 03/27/2012
I've added a handful of features over the weekend:

  • Registered users may select "Hide answers by default" on the account settings page. Articles as of April will have their answers hidden in spoiler tags if you do.

  • Registered users may select "Show search options by default" - when performing searches, this makes the card or table appear by default instead of hiding it by default.

  • Any time you're asked to enter the name of a card, the field has an autocomplete dropdown now.

  • Card images when you search display the full-size image when you hover over it.

  • When using the advanced search, you can select to search by color identity rather than just by color. "Is exactly" and "is not exactly" work the same, but "contains" and "doesn't contain" check to see whether the card would be legal for a commander of the given colors.

  • For translations, the date format can be localized.

  • Assorted minor bug stomping (editing comments returns a more correct display, ) Is Alive!

Posted by: Eli
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Posted on 12/23/2011
After years of idly discussing it, Cranial Insertion is finally moving to its own site. What does this mean? We'll find out!

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