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It's High Noon!

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Hi, noon!
Hiya everyone, and welcome back to Cranial Insertion! I know that agreeing to meet outside on this empty street when the sun is at its highest is an awkward time to meet, but that was the only time we could make this work. And just ignore those pistols - those are for display only, and definitely not setting up for a duel. This week, we're continuing our look at the latest Magic expansion, Outlaws of Thunder Junction. Magic's spin on the old West has proven to be popular with players, but like every new set it brings us a fresh set of rules questions. So let's saddle up and dive head first into this week's batch of questions.

And if we didn't answer your question, don't fret - you can send them in to us, and we'll send you a response back. We may even use your question in a future article. If you have a shorter question, you can find us at @CranialTweet, but if you have a longer question, you can e-mail us at .

Q: If I cast High Noon, once it's resolved, can I cast a second spell that turn?

A: You may not. High Noon will know about spells that were cast before it entered the battlefield that turn. Once High Noon has resolved, it will know about spells that were cast before it entered the battlefield. Since you cast High Noon itself as a spell, you won't be able to cast any more spells that turn once High Noon has entered the battlefield.

Q: If I cast Hex targeting six of my opponent's creatures, did I commit one crime or six crimes?

A: Only one crime. You've committed a crime if you cast a spell or put an ability on the stack targeting at least one opponent, a permanent an opponent controls, or a card in an opponent's graveyard. It doesn't matter if that spell or ability has multiple targets. You can target six creatures your opponents control with Hex, but that's only a single crime, not six crimes.

Q: If I cast Loan Shark as my second spell for the turn, will I get to draw a card?

A: Sure. When Loan Shark enters the battlefield, it will check to see if you've cast two or more spells that turn. That can include the Shark itself, so if you cast a spell, then Loan Shark, when Loan Shark enters the battlefield, it will see you've cast two spells this turn and you'll draw a card.

Q: I control a Railway Brawler. If I cast Goldvein Hydra with X=3, will my Hydra get any counters from the Brawler's triggered ability?

A: Yep, it'll get three +1/+1 counters from the Brawler. The Brawler will look at the power of the creature when the Brawler's trigger resolves to determine how many counters it gets. It doesn't care about the creature's base or printed power. Since the Hydra has a power of 3 when the Brawler's trigger resolves, the Brawler will give it three more +1/+1 counters and it ends up as a 6/6.

Q: I have Fblthp, Lost on the Range in play, and the top card of my library is Crime // Punishment. If I want to plot it from the top of my library, what do I need to pay?

A: You'll have to pay . The plot cost of the card is equal to the mana cost, and the mana cost of a split card is the sum of the two sides when it's not on the stack. Crime's mana cost is , while Punishment's mana cost is , so you pay that combined cost to plot it with Fblthp's ability.

Q: If my Drover Grizzly loses its Mount creature type, can I still saddle it?

A: Sure. Mount is just a creature type - there's no innate rules baggage associated with it. Saddle doesn't care if the creature is a Mount or not, so you can still saddle the Grizzly like normal, even if it loses the Mount creature type.

Q: If I exile a land to Bruse Tarl, Roving Rancher's triggered ability, can I play it?

A: You can't play it (which is probably why Bruse gives you a 2/2 Ox if you exiled a land). Bruse will only let you cast the exiled card, and lands can only be played - they can't be cast. If you exile a land, you won't be able to play the land, but you do get the 2/2 Ox token in return.

When spells start flying, it's best to
keep your head down.

Q: Can I search for an Elegant Parlor with Claim Jumper's triggered ability, or can I only search for a normal Plains card?

A: You can search for Elegant Parlor. The Jumper lets you search your library for any Plains card, not just a basic Plains card. Elegant Parlor is a Plains since it has "Plains" on its type line, so you'll be able to search for it with Claim Jumper's triggered ability.

Q: If I deal 2 damage in combat to my opponent with Obeka, Splitter of Seconds, how many extra upkeeps do I get?

A: You get two additional upkeeps once your combat phase is over. "That many additional upkeep steps" refers to how much damage Obeka just dealt in combat, not if Obeka dealt damage in combat to an opponent. Since Obeka dealt 2 damage to the opponent, you get two additional upkeeps, not just one upkeep.

Q: If I cast a split card like Far // Away, will Lilah, Undefeated Slickshot trigger and let me exile the spell when it resolves?

A: That depends on if you cast it via fuse or not. When you cast a split card, you ignore the side of the split card that you're not casting. So if you just cast Far, you're casting a blue spell, which is not multicolored, so Lilah won't trigger. But if you cast it fused, then it has the characteristics of the combined faces on the stack, so the fused Far // Away on the stack would be a blue and black spell (and thus multicolored), so Lilah would trigger and Far // Away would become plotted when it resolves. However, remember that fuse only works from your hand, so you can't cast it fused from exile.

Q: I control a Hoarding Broodlord and Kaervek, the Punisher. If I'm casting a spell from Kaervek's ability, since I'm casting it from exile, does it have convoke?

A: Yes it does! You exile the card from your graveyard first, then you copy it and can cast the copy. The copy is created in the zone that the card is in, which means that the copy is cast from exile. And since the copy is being cast from exile, it has convoke from the Broodlord, so you can tap your creatures to help pay for the copy of the spell you're casting via Kaevek's triggered ability.

Q: If I use Jace Reawakened to plot my Cyclonic Rift, can I overload it from exile on a future turn?

A: No, you won't be able to overload it. Plot gives you an alternate cost to casting the spell - you cast it without paying its mana cost. Overload is also an alternate cost, and you can't use more than one alternate cost when casting a spell. You're free to plot your Cyclonic Rift, but you'll only be casting it normally - you won't be able to overload it.

When in doubt, cheat to win.

Q: Since Urza's Saga is an enchantment and a land, will Loot, the Key to Everything count it as an enchantment I control for its triggered ability?

A: No it will not. While Urza's Saga is an enchantment, Loot will only look for types among nonland permanents you control. Urza's Saga is a land, so even though it's also an enchantment, Loot won't count it for its effect, so you'll need to have a nonland enchantment in play for Loot to count it for its triggered ability.

Q: If I cast an Abrade targeting my opponent's creature to trigger Marchesa, Dealer of Death's triggered ability, can I use Deflecting Swat to change the target of Abrade to a different creature and get a second Marchesa trigger?

A: No, that won't work. "Committing a crime" only happens when you cast the spell or put the ability on the stack. Changing the target of your spell on the stack to another permanent an opponent controls won't give you a second crime trigger, so your Marchesa won't trigger when you change the target of Abrade to a different creature.

Q: I have Geralf, the Fleshwright in play. If I cast Army of the Damned, what happens?

A: Since thirteen Zombies just entered the battlefield, Geralf will trigger thirteen times. When each of those thirteen triggers resolves, it sees that twelve other Zombies have entered the battlefield under your control that turn (the Zombie token doesn't count itself), so each token gets twelve +1/+1 counters. Assuming they survive until your next turn, you'll be able to attack with your gigantic army of thirteen 14/14 Zombie tokens.

Q: I control Vraska, the Silencer. My opponent's commander dies. Do I get a chance to return their commander with Vraska's trigger before they can move it to the command zone?

A: You do not. After their commander dies, before Vraska's trigger can even go on the stack, we check state-based actions and your opponent gets the chance to move their commander to the command zone. You're still free to pay when the trigger resolves, but if they moved their commander to the command zone, nothing will happen when the trigger resolves since the commander is no longer in the graveyard.

Q: I control Kambal, Profiteering Mayor and a Black Market Connections. If I choose the first and third modes with the Connections trigger, how many Kambal triggers do I get?

A: You get two triggers. While Black Market Connections has trigger that makes multiple tokens, there's two separate instructions to create a token while the trigger is resolving, since it uses the word "create" multiple times. Since they're two separate create instructions, Kambal will trigger a total of two times and you'll drain your opponents twice.

Q: My commander is Gonti, Canny Acquisitor, and I've exiled some cards face down with his triggered ability, but then I lose the game. What happens to those exiled cards? Can my opponents look at them?

A: Nothing in particular happens with those face down cards - they're owned by your opponents who are still in the game, so they remain exiled. But nothing is telling them to turn them face up, and no effect in the game is letting them look at those exiled cards, so they'll remain face down for the rest of the game. If they know their deck well enough, while searching it, they may be able to figure out what the face down card is, but they won't know for sure until either the game is over or the owner of the card is eliminated.

Q: If I control Tarnation Vista and have five mono-green creatures in play, how much mana will I get when I activate the Vista's last ability?

A: Only a single green mana. The Vista is looking for colors among mono-colored permanents you control, not how many mono-colored permanents you control. You have five mono-colored permanents under your control, but the only color among those permanents is green, so the last ability will only produce a single green mana.

That's all we have for you this week. Be sure to join us again next week!


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