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Well Yeah, Unfinity Times Unfinity

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I choose infinity as my number.
Unfinity came out this last weekend, and I hope you got a chance to draft it. I'm writing this article on the Thursday before, with plans to draft on Friday. I expect it to be a bit weirder and zanier than the usual drafts. With Unfinity on the mind, let's dive into all things we can find in Myra the Magnificent's Intergalactic Astrotorium of Fun.

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Q: Wait a second, are these cards legal?

A: Un- sets (Unglued, Unhinged, Unstable, & Unsanctioned) to this point have been silver-bordered cards. These cards were not legal in really any format other than Un- games. Unfinity has two groups of cards, "normal" cards that are legal in any Eternal format (Vintage, Legacy, Commander, Pauper, etc.) and "acorn" cards that are only legal in Un- games. Acorn cards are easily distinguished by having an acorn logo where you would expect to find the normal oval shaped holo-foil.

The idea here is that acorn cards are not permitted in tournament games because they might have serious rules issues or negatively affect tournament play. The none-acorn cards will likely be silly, but work in the normal rules and won't be too disruptive in a tournament setting.

This is an example of a sticker card.

Q: How many sticker cards can I use in a game?

A: In Limited, you can use any three sticker cards you got during the event. You may re-select the three sticker cards you use each game. An important note, you never draft sticker cards. You automatically get every sticker card you open during a draft, similar to how you get to keep every token card you open during a draft.

In Constructed, you must bring between ten and fourty-eight sticker cards that each must be unique. At the start of each game you get a random three of the sticker cards to use for this game.

At the end of each game, return each sticker to the sticker card it came from. These stickers are designed to be reusable. Also, whenever a sticker would go into a library or hand, the sticker needs to be returned to the sticker card it came from.

Q: How do you use stickers?

A: If an ability permits you to sticker a card, you may add a Name sticker or Art sticker to any non-land permanent you own. However, if you want to add an Ability sticker or Power/Toughness sticker, you will need to spend s (called tickets) to upgrade to these more powerful stickers. s are very similar to , in that an ability will give you some amount of s and you keep them until you use them or the game ends. Prize Wall is great card for both getting you the s you will need to get more powerful stickers and great for allowing you to sticker a card!

Name, Art, and Ability stickers are additive to the card they are placed on, and never remove anything from the card they are placed over. For Name stickers you will need indicate if it's added to the front, back, or between two words of the existing name.

The most recently added Power/Toughness sticker replaces the original P/T or any previous P/T stickers.

Stickers will normally function no matter where they are placed on the card, but some cards may give restrictions to where they are to be placed.

This is what the back of Attraction cards looks like.
Q: What is an Attraction deck?

A: An Attraction deck is very similar to a Contraption deck. It's made up of only Attraction cards and is a separate deck from your normal Magic deck. Luckily, the rules to building an Attraction deck are written out on the back of every Attraction card.

Q: How do Attractions work?

A: An ability will instruct you to "open an Attraction." This means that you take the top card of your Attraction deck and place it on the battlefield. Then, as you begin the first main phase of each of your turns, roll a d6. You are considered to visit each attraction you control with the result lit up. You will notice all Attractions have 6 lit up and none will have 1 lit up. Then, each Attraction will vary on numbers 2-5. Most Attractions have at least two versions with different numbers lit up, and some have an many as six different versions.

This Fortune Teller is an example of an attraction that has numbers 2, 5, and 6 lit up.

Attractions can be exiled as normal, but if they leave the battlefield to any other zone, they go the junkyard instead. The junkyard is in many ways like a second graveyard but only for Attractions. Abilities that affect graveyards have no effect on the junkyard.

I choose infinity plus ten.
Q: Hat Trick can grant triple strike. What is that?

A: Very similar to double strike, it lets a creature deal its damage three times per combat. Once during first strike, once during normal damage, and once during last strike. Between each strike of damage, the game will check to see if any creatures died to damage, and players may cast spells between each strike as well. A creature that died during a previous strike of damage can not deal damage during a later strike.

Q: I control forty 1/1 Squirrel tokens and Starlight Spectacular, and no other creatures. When I go to combat on my turn, does this mean the last Squirrel I choose gets +39/+39 until end of turn?

A: Yes, this card is every bit over the top as it reads.

Q: My opponent controls Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet and I control a 3/3 Beast token. If I target these two creatures with Exchange of Words, can I later have my Beast token sacrifice a Zombie to give itself +1/+1 counters even though its name isn't Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet?

A: Yes, you can. Whenever a card (or token) refers to its own name, you can treat it as saying "this card" or "this token" instead. So your Beast's current last ability essentially reads as ", sacrifice another Vampire or Zombie: Put two +1/+1 counters on this token."

Q: My opponent controls a Scuttling Doom Engine, but it's the German version, which is called Krabbelnde Verschrottungsmaschine. If I kill it with Disemvowel, how much life does my opponent lose?

A: When you use Un- cards or acorn cards, you use the card as printed. In this case the German version of Doom Engine has five unique vowels (a, e, i, o, & u), whereas the English version has only four (e, i, o, & u).

Q: Exactly the same question before, except my opponent is playing with a Russian Scuttling Doom Engine (Стремительная Машина Смерти).

A: Russian cards use the Cyrillic alphabet, which has ten vowels (а, э, ы, у, о, я, е, ё, ю, и), but Disemvowel defines vowels as the ones from the Latin alphabet that English uses. So if the Latin vowels show up in the card name, those count, but the vowels that only appear in the Cyrillic alphabet won't count. So, in the case of a Russian Scuttling Doom Engine, we get (a & e) for only 2 life loss.

Note: Since no Latin vowels show up in the names on Japanese, Korean, or Chinese Magic cards, the life loss for cards in those languages is 0.

Q: I cast Well Done targeting my opponent's Wood Elemental that has four +1/+1 counters on it. The Wood Elemental my opponent is playing is from the Legends set, which predates set symbols which indicate rarity by color. How do I know if it was a rare or not?

A: The simplest way is to check by going to and looking up the card in question. As it turns out, Wood Elemental is a rare, so the opponent will take the 3 damage from Well Done.

Q: If I cast Embiggen targeting my Woodland Changeling, does it become insanely big?

A: Actually you can't target Woodland Changeling or any creature with the changeling ability, because it is a Brushwagg since it has all creature types, and Brushwagg is a creature type. You will have to chose a different creature to Embiggen.

Q: I control Claire D'Loon, Joy Sculptor and a Marit Lage legendary 20/20 black Avatar creature token with flying. My opponent boomerangs the token to my hand. Can I cast the Marit Lage token from my hand?

A: You can not. Marit Lage (made by Dark Depths) doesn't have a defined mana cost, so it has no mana cost. Cards (or tokens in this case) with no mana cost can't be cast. Having a mana cost of is different than having no mana cost. However, Claire can put the token directly onto the battlefield with her second ability.

Q: I have a Bear Cub wearing a Pin Collection. The Pin Collection has the persist sticker from the sticker card "Night Brushwagg Ringmaster" on it.

My opponent casts Akroma's Vengeance. Do both the Bear Cub and Pin Collection persist back?

A: They both do! Pin Collection will benefit from any ability sticker on it, so long as the ability isn't limited to only working on creatures, and then Pin Collection grants the same ability to any creature it's attached to.

Q: The wife and I are home alone playing Magic. I use Bag Check to counter her Saw in Half. Who do I ask if the spell looks dangerous?

A: Feel free to call or text someone. You could also post on social media and wait for a response. If you are unable to contact an outside person, there's an Un- rule that says if you just can't get an outside person to make a choice, an opponent gets to choose, but please make every effort to avoid invoking that rule.

Q: My Bear Cub has a Blue Ribbon attached to it and my Deadbeat Attendant has a different Blue Ribbon attached to it. If I cast Giant Growth targeting the Bear Cub, did I just make an infinite loop? Does the game end in a draw?

A: When you target the Bear, you can copy the Growth and must target the Attendant with the new copy. Then the Bear gets jealous and wants another Giant Growth, and you can copy the copy and must target the Bear. This descends into madness as each creature gets jealous of the most recent Giant Growth. However, you as the adult in this situation can choose to stop this petty squabbling as soon as you're tired of making copies. In short, make X copies for the Attendant, and either X or X-1 copies for the Bear, and don't forget about the original Giant Growth that started the whole thing targeting the Bear.

Then I choose infinity times infinity.
Q: When my Centaur of Attention entered the battlefield, I copied its trigger with Strionic Resonator. After both triggers resolve, does my Centaur have five or ten dice stored on it?

A: It has ten! Centaur's second ability can re-roll any of the ten results, and the Centaur's third ability will count all ten results to determine the amount of +X/+X.

Q: I have Gobsmacked my opponents Bear Cub. The chosen person has walked out of the room, and now my opponent can use their Bear Cub, but if the chosen person returns to the room, is the Bear Cub locked down again?

A: Yes, it is. Gobsmacked's last ability works while the chosen person is visible to you and can turn on and off multiple times if the chosen person keeps becoming obscured and then becoming visible again.

Q: I drafted Greatest Show in the Multiverse and definitely don't have five sorcery and/or instants that share an artist in my draft pool. Is this card useless to me during the draft?

A: In Un- games, you may pull cards from outside your draft or sealed pool to make the said Un- card function.

Q: I cast Last Voyage of the ________ and after it enters the battlefield, but before its trigger can resolve, my opponent Disenchants the Last Voyage of the ________. What happens now?

A: Sadly, you will be unable to put a name sticker on the Last Voyage of the ________, as it has changed zones. However, the trigger will still bring a creature from your graveyard to the battlefield and it will stick around as the "When this Aura leaves the battlefield, sacrifice enchanted creature" trigger has already resolved by this point.

Just finishing this article as I head off to play in my first Unfinity draft! Have a good day and good luck until next time.

- Justin Hovdenes AKA Hovey
Level 2 Magic Judge
Rapid City, SD

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